Natural Salad Oils & Cooking Oils
Apollo Olive Oil
P.O.Box 1054, Oregon House, CA 95962
(908) 862-5454
Apollo Olive Oil is 100% first-crush, cold-pressed pure olive oil and is certified as Extra Virgin by the Calfiornia Olive Oil Council. These craftsmen tend the trees using organic methods, harvest by hand for optimum ripeness and closely monitor every phase of the milling process to maximize the flavor.
Lykovouno Olive OIl
2001 Union Street, Suite 520 , San Francisco, CA 94123
(415) 922-1810
Lykovouno olives are hand picked, cold pressed, and hand bottled on a family estate in the village of Lykovouno, Greece. The Lykovouno Olive Oil is pure Koroneiki olive oil, not blended with other oils. Lykovouno olive oil has low acidity and high levels of antioxidants giving it a long shelf life. It has a fresh fruit-of-the-olive taste and aroma with hints of fruit, pepper and grass.
Atlantic Pacific Foods
34 Racecourse Rd, Rutherford, New South Wales 2320, Australia
(612) 493-9170
Atlantic Pacific Foods are a privately owned manufacturer of Australian vegetable oils and margarine spreads. They are committed to delivering wholesome, healthy alternatives for people to enjoy at every meal.

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